A new ‘team’ has arrived on the coast…

The arrival of the new ‘team’ (MKN Combi Oven) has got the chefs at the Currumbin RSL all excited.

This brilliant oven was installed on Monday, 10.1, 10 tray & the 6.1, 6 tray combi steam has the versatility to use on steam & bake.  Assembled as one oven in Germany, there’s no joining kits, no leaking pipes or steam leaking from a vent which can damage boards & cost a small fortune to repair.

The cooking cavity has 50% more cooking area than most ovens on the market & with the Flexi rack you can use the whole area of the cooking chamber.

The touch display is high impact glass (no plastics), so when the chef throws a pan at someone who hasn’t cleaned the oven, if he’s a bad shot it won’t break!  There will be no throwing of pans in this kitchen though because the oven has one of the best cleaning systems in its class.  It truly is ‘close the door & walk away’.

One touch display for both ovens, no bending down to adjust the bottom oven, very easy to use.

Great piece kit.  For more information please call 0409 728937 or contact me HERE

SMEG. ALFA341XM — 10 trays 600x400mm or GN1/1, Humidified convection oven

SMEG ALFA341XM — 10 trays 600x400mm or GN1/1

◊ Robust stainless steel construction, modern and functional design
◊ Full stainless steel oven cavity
◊ Adjustable rack, suitable both for 600×400 and GN1/1* trays
◊ Electromechanical controls, extremely simple and reliable
◊ Excellent baking uniformity across all trays due to three fans rotating in opposite directions and with timed rotation reversal. This ensures a perfect heat distribution in all conditions of use
◊ Excellent internal visibility, due to the large glass and powerful inner light
◊ Triple glass door, all can be opened for cleaning. Reduces heat dispersion and energy consumption decreases by almost 15%
◊ Double-stage door opening system
◊ Rapid cooling cycle
◊ Flexible use for many different types of cooking
◊ Manual humidi er, through a plumbed water system connection, with water injection on each fan, for excellent results with all types of food

If you want more info please go HERE

SMEG CW522D Double Basket Dishwasher. 

◊ Ability to simutainiously wash 2 x 500x500mm baskets- Upper basket suitable for plates and saucers, with 145/225mm usable washing height
– Lower basket suitable for glasses and cups, with 190/110mm usable washing height
◊ Double skin construction in AISI 304 stainless steel
◊ Moulded wash tank, rack guides and door
◊ Counterbalanced door with spring assisted hinges, full surround door gasket and no supporting rods
◊ HTR (High Temperature Rinse) system with atmospheric boiler and rinse pump
◊ 2.5 litres water rinse cycle
◊ Over 22% water exchange every cycle
◊ Drain pump
◊ Triple stage dynamic ltration system to separate dirt particles from wash water and to control tank level
◊ Water connection: from Cold to 60°C
◊ Power connection: three-phase or single-phase
◊ Door opening height: 415mm
◊ Upper and lower wash and rinse arms in AISI 304 stainless steel
◊ Full size tank lter with removable basket, all in AISI 304 stainless steel
◊ Electronic control with 7 wash programs
◊ Shortest wash program 90 seconds
◊ Automatic “stand-by” to reduce energy consumption when not washing
◊ Soft start wash pump
◊ Automatic self-cleaning cycle and shut-off at the end of drain cycle
◊ Thermostop system to ensure correct rinse temperature
◊ Adjustable peristaltic pumps for detergent and rinse-aid injection
◊ Self-diagnostic system with error messages

INTRODUCING the SMEG CWC620DH Pass Through Dishwasher, with Steam Heat Recovery Device. 


The Steam Heat Recovery (SHR) device (patented) recovers and condenses the steam that forms during the rinsing cycle and uses it to raise the intake water temperature by 10°C. The result is that the working environment is healthier and more comfortable and energy consumption is reduced.


Though the final call is made by your local council, In past applications, where council approval has been sought for installation without a hood over the unit, in 100% of cases it has been approved.


Key standout features at a glance –

2 year parts and labour warranty

All pumps on board as standard – rinse pump, drain pump, soft wash pump

SHR (Steam Heat Recovery) device

Capacity to wash 600x500mm baskets and 600×400 trays (also takes 500x500mm basket)

20% higher load capacity compared to standard pass-through dishwashers

Double skin, fully insulated hood and panels

420mm door opening height

Thermostop system to ensure correct rinse temperature

Manufactured by Smeg in Italy

RRP $11,460 For more info please contact us HERE