Smeg CWC630DHE — GreenLine 500/600x500mm basket

Dishwasher with two heat recovery units. This machine will run on cold water.

It uses the heat from the waste water & steam generated by water heated in the machine to heat the incoming water, This saves energy on the heating process, therefore it won’t drain your hot water service & doesn’t need to be fitted under an extraction canopy.

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Smeg CWC630DHE 500 X 600mm

◊ Double skin, fully insulated hood and panels
◊ Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel
◊ Small capacity tank (22lt), moulded and with rounded edges
◊ Hood opening height: 420mm
◊ Capacity to wash 600x500mm baskets and 600×400 trays
◊ 20% higher load capacity compared to standard pass-through dishwashers
◊ SHR (Steam Heat Recovery) device*
◊ DHR (Drain Heat Recovery) device*
◊ HTR (High Temperature Rinse) system with atmospheric boiler and rinse pump
◊ 3 litres water rinse cycle
◊ Drain pump
◊ Triple stage dynamic filtration system to separate dirt particles from wash water and to control tank level
◊ Water connection: from Cold to 60°C
◊ Upper and lower wash and rinse arms in AISI 304 stainless steel
◊ Full size tank filter with removable basket, all in AISI 304 stainless steel
◊ Electronic control with 7 wash programs
◊ Shortest wash program 60 seconds
◊ Automatic “stand-by” to reduce energy consumption when not washing
◊ Automatic start on hood closure
◊ Soft start wash pump
◊ Automatic self-cleaning cycle and shut-off at the end of drain cycle
◊ Thermostop system to ensure correct rinse temperature
◊ Adjustable peristaltic pumps for detergent and rinse-aid injection
◊ Self-diagnostic system with error messages