Gambaro’s get a new Commercial Smeg dishwasher.

Thank you Gambaro’s for purchasing this Smeg commercial dishwasher.

600 x 500 dishwasher rack size, 22 plates per wash thats 6 plates extra per wash, doesn’t sound much but over a busy night it makes a big difference.

It was an interesting job, installing this machine but Wayne (stainless man) did a great job in modifying the bench, as you can see in the photo below there were water taps mounted to the wall which prevented this machine from going fully back.

The Hobart H67 Chris & I pulled out had the back panel cut out which allowed debris to build up behind the machine, I wasn’t going to do this to the new machine.

After a few adjustments & some new valve the new Smeg CWC611D commercial Dishwasher fitted perfectly.

Chris, Impec & the Chemical company Bris-Safe have fitted there detergents & checked the settings & titration level. Thanks Guy.