New MKN FLEXI COMBI Oven Install in brisbane

New 10 tray MKN Combi Oven, Flexi Combi. This oven uses less water than most ovens on the market & in Europe it has won the Energy Star Award. (see below)

This is a great oven to use & I,m sure that in the near future, netflix will become an option for the touch display. It’s just like using an iPad, the quality of the screen is great.

The size of the cooking chamber is larger than all the ovens in its class, so I’ll ask the question, Does size matter?

I fitted a BWT Best Protect water filter system with a maxi flow for a pre filter. This will protect the inner working of the oven.



ENERGY STAR awarded to MKN

Energy efficiency label attests the sustainability of MKN combi steamers

The internationally recognized and renowned ENERGY STAR Certificate now officially certifies worldwide the energy efficiency of MKN combi steamers*.

For many years the MKN international GreenTeam has been working on the efficiency and sustainability of its production processes and products alike. Due to numerous intelligent features the MKN combi steamers are considered to be extremely energy efficient professional cooking appliances. For example, the triple-glazed cooking chamber door boasts an energy saving potential of 28 %** and the heat exchanger can save approx. 1 kWh energy during a single operating hour in Steaming mode in FlexiCombi 10.1.***

The ENERGY STAR is an international energy efficiency label awarded by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 1992 and it now officially acknowledges worldwide the MKN combi steamers to be exceptionally energy efficient. The ENERGY STAR Programme was introduced to Europe by an EU Regulation in 2003 and has been regarded as the official label for energy efficient appliances ever since.

The ENERGY STAR Certificate requires MKN equipment to undergo an annual inspection. So, the specialist for professional cooking technology will also be focussing strongly on continual improvement of production processes and products in future to further enhance efficiency and sustainability.