Polish Free Glass Washing From Smeg.

The Burleigh Bears are very proud of their two Smeg CWG430DE Glasswashers with Reverse Osmosis. The feedback from staff using the machines is very positive.

Reverse Osmosis removes most of the impurities in the water supply to the glasswasher, consequently there are no stains left on your glassware.

The machine below is able to keep up with the demands of the customer. The built-in heat recovery unit utilises the waste water to heat the incoming cold water. This helps the machine maintain a short wash time.

The machine is connected to a 15 amp supply, unlike other machines that need to be connected to 20 amp or 3 phase to do the same job.

All Smeg Glasswashers/dishwashers come with rinse booster pumps, this keeps constant rinse flow no matter the water pressure.

Many thanks to all at the Burleigh Bears for your continued support.

For more info please contact Marty HERE