SMEG. ALFA341XM — 10 trays 600x400mm or GN1/1, Humidified convection oven

SMEG ALFA341XM — 10 trays 600x400mm or GN1/1

◊ Robust stainless steel construction, modern and functional design
◊ Full stainless steel oven cavity
◊ Adjustable rack, suitable both for 600×400 and GN1/1* trays
◊ Electromechanical controls, extremely simple and reliable
◊ Excellent baking uniformity across all trays due to three fans rotating in opposite directions and with timed rotation reversal. This ensures a perfect heat distribution in all conditions of use
◊ Excellent internal visibility, due to the large glass and powerful inner light
◊ Triple glass door, all can be opened for cleaning. Reduces heat dispersion and energy consumption decreases by almost 15%
◊ Double-stage door opening system
◊ Rapid cooling cycle
◊ Flexible use for many different types of cooking
◊ Manual humidi er, through a plumbed water system connection, with water injection on each fan, for excellent results with all types of food

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