Wexiodisk Dishwashers

WexiodiskMy first thought on this machine was “why is it so expensive”?

I was in Brisbane at a washtech training seminar & there in the corner was Wexiodisk pass through dishwasher, auto hood & steam extraction system.  It’s time to check this machine out.

I removed the front panel & put it to one side, instantly I could see why this machine cost so much.

The machine was built solid, there was only one rubber tube in the machine & this was on the was pump intake.

If you look at at all other machines on the market you have a wash pump & a rinse booster pump.  These are always joined by rubber hoses from the wash/rinse tank to the wash rinse arms.  These hoses are a weak link & are susceptible to wear, heat & leaking.

The Wexiodisk has stainless steel tubing & fittings to the wash & rinse arm, this means no leaks & hoses to change.  The water valves are all stainless steel bodied (no plastic).  It’s  just oozing quality.

The water inlet goes into a break tank, this is a physical air gap between the inlet water & the water in the machine. The councils love this.

All the maintenance is done from the front of the machine, this means you don’t need to remove the machine from the benching to replace door springs etc.

It comes with the option of auto hood & a heat exchanger.  This uses the steam from the wash tank to heat the cold water entering from the mains supply.

This machine will save you on water, electricity costs and you can expect to get 20-25 years out of this machine due to the quality of build and components.

Marks out of 10 = 9.9.