Washtech M2c Commercial Dishwasher.

This is the first Washtech pass through dishwasher with a heat recovery unit. It’s about time!

This should fill a gap in their  range. Washtech have gone through a slight change over the last couple of years, going to electronic controls.


Washtec M2C

Washtec M2C


There has been a few issues but who doesn’t with a new range  but they have been sorted out now. ( I hope)

Heat recovery unit on a commercial dishwasher, what is it & how does it work?

It’s a device that uses the steam generated in the wash tank ( from the wash tank water 62 degrees Celsius & the rinse water 82 degrees Celsius) to heat up the incoming mains cold water to help reduce the energy required to heat the mains water to 82 degrees Celsius.

In general most dishwashing machines that use this process have the recovery unit fitted above the hood, a fan comes on during the rinse cycle, so when the hood is lifted the steam is drawn into the recovery unit to heat the incoming water & condense the steam back to water, which drains back to the machine.

Washtech have the recovery unit fan on through the whole wash & rinse cycle, which heats the cold water over a longer period. They have assured me that the wash tank will maintain its heat 62 degrees when used continuously.

I’m hopefully installing the first one this week. This will give me a chance to have a good look at how it’s put together.

The Benefits are?

This allows the machine to be connected to cold water ( so towards the end of the day, you’ll  still have hot water in your restaurant)

The machine doesn’t need to be installed under an extraction hood, which can cost thousands to install.

Will have more info this week.

The machine arrived on site today, we were replacing a Meiko dishwasher which was about 5 years old & had become uneconomical to repair.

The Washtech M2c has two elements in the wash & rinse tank, so it heats very quick!

There is easy access to clean the inner workings of the heat recovery unit & when the dishwasher is drained down, water is sprayed down & through the condenser, this will keep this area clean in between services.

Unfortunately the water isn’t heated before it enters the wash tank, so there is some delay whilst the water heats up to temperature.

Overall I think this is a good machine at a very good price.