Carbon Block Water filters.

Maxiflow Carbon Block Filter
Water Filter Services provide the wide range of easy to use MaxiFlow water filter systems. MaxiFlow systems have been designed for high flow rate applications and are ideal for food service equipment protection and producing suitable water for potable commercial and residential applications.
MaxiFlow systems feature quick change sanitary cartridge technology making the cartridge easy to change and eliminates
handling of contaminated cartridges.
MaxiFlow systems are available to reduce sediment, chlorine, tatste/ odour, scale formation and also remove parasitic cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium. Many MaxiFlow systems are NSF listed for independent validation of performance claims. Multi cartridge systems are available for larger equipment and whole of kitchen applications.
Maximum Termperature – 37°C Maximum Pressure – 900 kPa Filter must be protected against freezing and direct sunlight. Operate within pressure and temperature limits.

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