Polish Free Glass Washing From Smeg.

The Burleigh Bears are very proud of their two Smeg CWG430DE Glasswashers with Reverse Osmosis. The feedback from staff using the machines is very positive.

Reverse Osmosis removes most of the impurities in the water supply to the glasswasher, consequently there are no stains left on your glassware.

The machine below is able to keep up with the demands of the customer. The built-in heat recovery unit utilises the waste water to heat the incoming cold water. This helps the machine maintain a short wash time.

The machine is connected to a 15 amp supply, unlike other machines that need to be connected to 20 amp or 3 phase to do the same job.

All Smeg Glasswashers/dishwashers come with rinse booster pumps, this keeps constant rinse flow no matter the water pressure.

Many thanks to all at the Burleigh Bears for your continued support.

For more info please contact Marty HERE

A new ‘team’ has arrived on the coast…

The arrival of the new ‘team’ (MKN Combi Oven) has got the chefs at the Currumbin RSL all excited.

This brilliant oven was installed on Monday, 10.1, 10 tray & the 6.1, 6 tray combi steam has the versatility to use on steam & bake.  Assembled as one oven in Germany, there’s no joining kits, no leaking pipes or steam leaking from a vent which can damage boards & cost a small fortune to repair.

The cooking cavity has 50% more cooking area than most ovens on the market & with the Flexi rack you can use the whole area of the cooking chamber.

The touch display is high impact glass (no plastics), so when the chef throws a pan at someone who hasn’t cleaned the oven, if he’s a bad shot it won’t break!  There will be no throwing of pans in this kitchen though because the oven has one of the best cleaning systems in its class.  It truly is ‘close the door & walk away’.

One touch display for both ovens, no bending down to adjust the bottom oven, very easy to use.

Great piece kit.  For more information please call 0409 728937 or contact me HERE

Smeg Commercial Dishwasher install, Mudgeeraba.

Smeg CW611D Commercial dishwasher

Installed, Smeg CW611D commercial dishwasher

Luke (specialised stainless projects) & I are installing a Smeg CWC611D Commercial Dishwasher in a kitchen in Mudgeeraba.

This dishwasher was perfect for this kitchen, the 600mm x 500mm racks are great for trays & pots they use in this kitchen. The pass through dishwasher has an insulated hood which makes for a very quiet dishwasher, great for any commercial kitchen that requires only the best in warewashing.

You can see in the picture below Luke is cutting both sides of the bench So the new dishwasher sits central under the hood.

The commercial dishwasher we removed had served the customer well but the cost of maintaining was starting to increase so the customer decided to change to the Smeg brand, with two years warranty & thats PARTS & LABOUR. The end user knows that Smeg is there to help if something should go wrong.

Dishwashers & Glasswashers are kept in stock on the Gold Coast if a Dishwasher is required at short notice. For the larger machine they are delivered to your door free of charge twice a week. A full stock of spare parts are also kept here.

Smeg Commercial Dishwashers, for more information please contact me Here

For a Brochure on Smeg Commercial Dishwashers,Oven & other product please go Here

Smeg CW611D Commercial dishwasher

Luke from specialised Stainless Project cutting benching to shape.

SMEG Ecoline of commercial dishwashers

At the trade show in Sydney, Smeg released there Ecolinecommercialdishwashers.

After installing one of these dishwashers I had the chance to check them out.

The Ecoline range of commercialGlasswasher / dishwasher, still have all the features in the programming & have paristaltic pumps for rinse aid & detergent.

Due to being single skinned machines they don’t have a counter weighted door but they do have a very impressive door support. Most owners of commercialdishwashers know how easy the supports can pull through the door frame, the door drops passed its stop point & damages the hinges. Very costly!

The wash / rinse arm has a quick release, easy to remove & clean.

Three sets of sieves in the wash tank to filter out the debris before it blocks the wash arms.

Overall great machine.

New MKN FLEXI COMBI Oven Install in brisbane

New 10 tray MKN Combi Oven, Flexi Combi. This oven uses less water than most ovens on the market & in Europe it has won the Energy Star Award. (see below)

This is a great oven to use & I,m sure that in the near future, netflix will become an option for the touch display. It’s just like using an iPad, the quality of the screen is great.

The size of the cooking chamber is larger than all the ovens in its class, so I’ll ask the question, Does size matter?

I fitted a BWT Best Protect water filter system with a maxi flow for a pre filter. This will protect the inner working of the oven.



ENERGY STAR awarded to MKN

Energy efficiency label attests the sustainability of MKN combi steamers

The internationally recognized and renowned ENERGY STAR Certificate now officially certifies worldwide the energy efficiency of MKN combi steamers*.

For many years the MKN international GreenTeam has been working on the efficiency and sustainability of its production processes and products alike. Due to numerous intelligent features the MKN combi steamers are considered to be extremely energy efficient professional cooking appliances. For example, the triple-glazed cooking chamber door boasts an energy saving potential of 28 %** and the heat exchanger can save approx. 1 kWh energy during a single operating hour in Steaming mode in FlexiCombi 10.1.***

The ENERGY STAR is an international energy efficiency label awarded by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 1992 and it now officially acknowledges worldwide the MKN combi steamers to be exceptionally energy efficient. The ENERGY STAR Programme was introduced to Europe by an EU Regulation in 2003 and has been regarded as the official label for energy efficient appliances ever since.

The ENERGY STAR Certificate requires MKN equipment to undergo an annual inspection. So, the specialist for professional cooking technology will also be focussing strongly on continual improvement of production processes and products in future to further enhance efficiency and sustainability.

Gambaro’s get a new Commercial Smeg dishwasher.

Thank you Gambaro’s for purchasing this Smeg commercial dishwasher.

600 x 500 dishwasher rack size, 22 plates per wash thats 6 plates extra per wash, doesn’t sound much but over a busy night it makes a big difference.

It was an interesting job, installing this machine but Wayne (stainless man) did a great job in modifying the bench, as you can see in the photo below there were water taps mounted to the wall which prevented this machine from going fully back.

The Hobart H67 Chris & I pulled out had the back panel cut out which allowed debris to build up behind the machine, I wasn’t going to do this to the new machine.

After a few adjustments & some new valve the new Smeg CWC611D commercial Dishwasher fitted perfectly.

Chris, Impec & the Chemical company Bris-Safe have fitted there detergents & checked the settings & titration level. Thanks Guy.





Smeg 600 500 Rack Commercial Dishwasher

I had the pleasure of commissioning a CWC621DH at a child care centre this week, what a great machine!

This unit has a heat recovery & runs on cold water.

Therefore the customer doesn’t need to install a canopy & extraction fan over the machine, saving on costly fit outs.

The extra 100mm rack, which doesn’t sound much will give room to fit extra plates & have the trays standing upright in the rack reducing the drying time.

For the service technician, all of the controls are located in the front, easy to program & use.